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About Us

Alberta Sheds was established in 2016 to provide our customers in the Calgary/Canmore area with attractive, quality sheds that deserve to be the centerpiece of the yard.

We now have several traditional and modern models available in sizes up to 8'x13' (max size without building permit), which can be customized as Garden Studios, Home Offices, Greenhouses or any other requirements you may have.

8x12 Country Model Shed with Dormer Roof Window
Shed Panels being delivered

Our sheds are usually pre-built as panels to minimize onsite work and to ensure consistent high quality.

On the install day the panels are carried to the install location and assembled on site.


Depending on the size of the shed, the install usually takes between 2-5 days.

All our full sized sheds rest on sturdy 4x6 pressure treated sleepers. The floors are constructed from pressure treated joists (16"o.c.) and 3/4" exterior rated plywood that is screwed to the joists. This makes the foundation very strong. Common issues in

Calgary like frost heave or settling soil will not damage our sheds. If required they can simply be jacked up and re-levelled. We are also able to build our sheds on a customer provided concrete base.

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8x10 Country Model shed, Shed Calgary, Shed with red door

Our sheds are built with 2x4 Spruce/Pine and we use LP Smart Siding & Trim -  a manufactured wood product widely used in new home construction that has  a 50 year warranty.

We take care to use the correct fasteners - Hot Dipped Galvanized Nails and Stainless Steel Brad Nails where required.

Our Sheds are painted in the highest Grade Benjamin Moore Paint available - Aura Exterior .

The entire roof perimeter is protected against wind blown rain by an aluminum drip edge, as well as starter shingles .

As part of a quality installation synthetic roofing felt is installed under the Shingles.

We have designed a door that isn’t just attractive, but built to last. 

Our doors have a triple frame design, that includes loose tennon joinery, that makes the door rigid and sturdy.

A heavy duty aluminum diamond plate threshold is installed to protect the floor edge and heavy duty decorative  hinges and a lockable Latch complete the area  of your shed that is most heavily used.

Our sheds come standard with a 32" wide door and we offer double door and other upgrades as required.

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Please contact us to discuss your requirements and the various upgrade options available.

We look forward to supplying you with a shed that will put a smile on your face.

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Country Model Shed with Dormer Window, She Shed Calgary, Garden Studio Shed Calgary, Backyard Studio Calgary, Cute Shed Calgary, Best Shed Calgary
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